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At Tubimetal we are passionate about meeting the needs of our customers. We work to the specific requirements of each customer, manufacturing bespoke tubes subject to strict quality control and timely delivery.

Fast deliveries

Tubimetal can guarantee extremely short delivery times thanks to the availability of a large stock of raw materials. We are recognised as one of the most reliable suppliers both in Italy and internationally.

Small quantities and shaped pipes

The flexibility of our manufacturing process means that Tubimetal can provide small quantities of customised tubes at very competitive prices, while its versatility allows us to provide a diverse range of shapes of tubes, according to our customers’ specific needs.

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Carbon Steels

Welded and seamless carbon steel tubes are characterized by dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish. We can carry out various heat treatments to provide customised mechanical characteristics. Hardening steels C45E, C60E complete the range.

Alloy Steel

The versatility of our production plant allows the processing of a wide variety of steels: hardening steels (25CrMo4, 42CrMo4); carburising steels (16MnCr5, 19MnCr5); CrMo steels for high temperatures (P/T 11, P/T 22, P/T 5, P/T 9-91) and aeronautical steels (15CDV6).

Stainless Steels

We can produce the standard austenitic stainless steels: TP304, TP316, TP321, alongside Duplex UNS 31803, Superduplex UNS 32750 and Ferritic TP430. The tubes can be supplied cold worked or annealed to suit customers’ requirements.

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